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Our Philosophy

At Skywalker Construction, custom home building is not just about construction plans and 2×4’s. We understand that your home is your most important financial and personal asset. Our drive comes from knowing that we’ve carefully managed, protected and added value to your home. We always take the time to listen well to our clients so we understand what is most important to them. We create a building process that’s enjoyable by providing excellent customer service, ongoing communication, and attention to detail. Based on our reputation, you can rest assured that our full team, including owners, project managers, full time carpenters and sub-contractors, is fully engaged in your project.

At Skywalker Construction we believe it is not enough to just build new custom homes and do renovations. We believe it is critical to build responsibly. Therefore we incorporate environmentally friendly products, recycle what we can and use resources efficiently. We are consistent in our dedication to minimizing the carbon footprint of all our projects and work toward supporting our local community as well as the planet.

In summary, our goal at Skywalker Construction is to work closely with our clients at every step of the way by maintaining a direct role in the execution of your project while responsibly building a home that will withstand the test of time. We look forward to working with you to end up with a home of inspired design, quality and functionality.

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30 Micro-Piles later and were moving on to concrete grade beams.  Grade beams require a high quantity of steel rebar, with the help of the engineers and concrete company were able to keep the concrete grade beam at traditional 8” thick (as apposed to 10”) and still get all of the steel to fit inside, which in turn saved on materials and cost.  Concrete pour up next. #durangocolorado #durangobuilders #durangocontracting #durango
Pushing 6”dia schedule 40 steel casings into the ground. These will get a steel plate welded to the top that connects and supports a glue laminated floor beam. #micropiles #solarmirror #durangocontracting #durangocolorado #durangobuilders #durangocustomhome
Remodeling custom homes can sometimes be challenging.  It’s how you deal with these challenges that can make or break a job.  In this case we need to penetrate the floor for electrical and a gas line at the new kitchen island. We can not risk penetrating the in-floor heat tubing, so turn on the boiler, get out the thermal camera mark the heat tubes with a sharpie and drill with confidence. #durangocontracting #durangocolorado #seekthermal #remodel #infloorheating
Sometimes when your working by yourself you have to get creative.  In this case a quick clamp to hold the string line and a laser turned a 2 person job into a 1 person job. #getterdone #durangocontracting #durangocolorado #durangobuilders #durangocustomhome

Luke Hanson – Owner


Most builders would like a reputation that is as solid as the homes they build and Luke Hanson has achieved just that. Luke has been a resident of Durango, Colorado for 18 years after coming from his home state of Oregon in 1993. He came to Durango as a student at Fort Lewis College and earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree there in 1998. Durango has suited Luke well over these years, providing him not only with career opportunities but also the environment for his multiple outdoor pursuits.

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Owen Dake – Owner


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