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Owen Dake

 Owner, Skywalker Construction – Durango, CO.

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Born December 04,1973 in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania grew up living just outside the city.   Was an avid Boy Scout with ranking of Life. Boy Scouts let me enjoy all kinds of trips around the Midwest and east cost with my dad things like camping, backpacking, caving, canoeing, etc. I moved to Ohio for a bit then returned to Pittsburgh and went to Fox Chapel High School. I was on the swim team and lacrosse team thru out high school, which keep me very busy all year long.

I grew up working for my moms construction company helping with everything from landscaping to final interior painting. She owned a custom home building company called Owen & Company. With the help of my dad she developed a subdivision with about 85 lots and homes, this help me see all the different areas of construction first hand. When it came to building my mom and dad always taught me the correct way to do things the first time and it still shows in all of her houses she built even to this day. After high school I decided to move out west for collage and also to do some skiing. I originally was going to Boulder then found Fort Lewis and moved to Durango in 1992 for school. I went to Fort Lewis for Engineering Management, which is a business management degree with a minor in engineering.

I quickly got into mountain biking, climbing, hiking, and for wheeling / camping in the mountains around town. During school I worked for a construction company called Iron House Custom Builders here in Durango. Iron Horse build everything form decks and fences to the Double Tree hotel. I started a cleaning business in 1998 with our main focus on construction clean up, lots of final cleans on newly built custom homes all around town for many of different builders in town. My cleaning guys and I started to do small construction projects as well as cleaning and this started the building side of everything. I knew Luke for years from school we decided to team up a bit on some bigger construction projects and then formed Skywalker in early 2000 and the rest is history. We have been working around the four corners area since building simple additions to full custom homes.

I meet my wife Emma Rundquest who is born and raised here in town and we now have a son Ashby who was born in April 2010, which is amazing. Emma has her own hair salon called The Chair A Hair Salon www.thechairdgo.com. My father in-law and two brother in-laws own one of the best masonry companies in town called Rundquest Masonry, started by Emma’s grandfather Allen. Emma and I still love to ski, play ice hockey, camping and going to the lake for some fun in the sun. Now we have Ashby to enjoy this amazing four corners area with as well.