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Luke Hanson – Owner


Most builders would like a reputation that is as solid as the homes they build and Luke Hanson has achieved just that. Luke has been a resident of Durango, Colorado for 18 years after coming from his home state of Oregon in 1993. He came to Durango as a student at Fort Lewis College and earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree there in 1998. Durango has suited Luke well over these years, providing him not only with career opportunities but also the environment for his multiple outdoor pursuits. It was here that he fell in love with his beautiful wife Kimberly Hanson. Luke and Kimberly had hoped for a family of their own and in 2009 their daughter, Annabeth, was born and then their son Alex in 2013.

In 2000 Luke founded Skywalker Construction and later partnered with Owen Dake in 2002. Together they started, and continue, to focus on custom home construction and remodeling. Unique in this age of ‘subbing-everything- out’ builders, Luke and Owen employ a full time staff of skilled carpenters.

Luke is a third generation carpenter and builder with onsite experience beginning in 1992. He has worked in, and now supervises, all phases of residential and light commercial construction. Luke believes that true ‘custom’ homebuilding and remodeling is achieved through open communication with everyone involved in the project. In order to keep the communication open throughout the entire project, he maintains a strong onsite job presence.

Luke’s life-long philosophy has been to obtain the best product for the best price without compromising quality. In order to ensure the highest level of quality and meet the needs and demands of each project, Luke takes a ‘hands-on’ approach to building. His helpful, straightforward way of doing business creates confidence and his friendly manner puts clients at ease. His solid reputation and building accomplishments in this region speak well of his ethical business practices and construction expertise.

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